New Mexico By the Numbers

The 2023 Kids Count Profile from The Annie E. Casey Foundation ranks New Mexico as 50th in the nation for overall child well-being. This profile considers the following areas and provides New Mexico’s rank in each: Economic Well-being (49th); Education (50th); Health (44th); Family and Community (48th). It does not consider how well a state is responding to child maltreatment but research shows protective factors are related to these well-being indicators. For more information on New Mexico from the Kids Count Data Center click here. 

Numbers below represent key child protective services information in New Mexico.

Number of reports* received by CYFD July 2023 - February 2024[4]


Percentage of reports* accepted by CYFD for further action July 2023 - February 2024[4]


Percentage of completed investigations by CYFD that were substantiated July 2023 - February 2024[4]

Number of child victims of abuse and neglect in New Mexico FY 22[1]

Average number of children in foster care in FY 21[4]

Number of children in CYFD custody at end of February 2024[4]

Number of non-relative foster homes in New Mexico at end of 3rd Quarter FY 20[1]

Number of relative foster homes in New Mexico at end of 3rd Quarter FY 21[1]

Percent of children moved from foster care to permanent homes within 12 to 23 months of being in foster care[2]

Foster Care placement moves per 1,000 days FY 21[2]

Rate of maltreatment while in foster care FY 24 Q2[2]


Turnover rate for CYFD protective services workers at end of February 2024[4]

Number of child deaths in 2020 in New Mexico due to abuse or neglect[3]

CYFD FY24 Protective Services Budget[2]

*A report represents one or more children.

[1] Child Maltreatment 2022; Administration for Children and Families Children’s Bureau. Click Here

[2] NM Legislative Finance Committee CYFD Performance Report Card Second Quarter FY 24.  Click Here

[3] Child Maltreatment 2020: Click Here

[4] NM Children, Youth and Families Department The Last 13 Months ending February 29th, 2024. Click Here