“Everyone’s Business: Protecting Our Children”

As evidenced by the Adverse Childhood Experiences study and other similar studies, the trauma experienced in childhood has a direct negative effect on a child’s well-being.

Child abuse and neglect is a public health issue, it is preventable and it IS everyone’s business!

In 2015, Chris Schueler, President of Christopher Productions, an Albuquerque NM based award-winning production company with the stated mission ‘to create positive change in our community, state, country, and world through the power of community organizing by utilizing electronic media’ partnered with multiple New Mexico organizations to produce “Everyone’s Business: Protecting Our Children”. This documentary, which was awarded the Rocky Mountain Emmy Award in 2016, highlights 5 proven areas to reduce child maltreatment: Understanding Stressors, Early Intervention, Home-Visiting, Shaken Baby Education, and Professional Training.

The 30 minute documentary which includes bonus videos may be found here.

For more information on Christopher Productions click here.