Citizen Participation

Both federal and New Mexico state legislation require citizen involvement in evaluating the effectiveness of the Children, Youth & Families Department (CYFD) in fulfilling their child protection responsibilities.

Citizen participation is important because it:

  • Educates citizens regarding child protection system responses;
  • Promotes community based services; and
  • Prevents an agency from becoming a ‘system unto itself’.

In New Mexico citizens who meet eligibility requirements are known as SCAC Members.

Members are appointed for renewable two year terms and may participate in case reviews, case assessments and community outreach.

Member Eligibility


Per the Citizen Substitute Care Review Act (Act), §§32A-8-1 et seq. no individual, or relative of an individual, who is employed by the New Mexico Department of Finance and Administration, Children, Youth and Families Department, Human Services Department, Public Education Department, Department of Health or a District Court may serve on a case review board.


Members must complete an application process which includes interviews, background and reference checks, confidentiality agreements, online/in-person training and sign and adhere to a Member Code of Conduct.

Currently Accepting Member Applications

Applications are being accepted in all counties in New Mexico.